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RAGA Night Cream

RAGA® cream was formulated by Dr. Feinberg. It contains Tretinoin (a.k.a. Retin A) and an alpha-hydroxy (Glycolic Acid) along with four de-pigmenting agents to provide an effective skin-toning, skin-enhancing and skin-lightening formula.

For a more complete anti-aging regimen, Dr. Feinberg recommends his moisturizer and face wash.

Dermé Anti-Aging Moisturizer (formerly TIGA)

A perfect complement for RAGA cream. Used in the morning, it is a moisturizer/sunscreen (SPF 18) with the same four lightening agents contained in the RAGA night cream. Lightening skin tone is more efficient if these agents are used twice daily.

Dermé Anti-Aging Face Wash

It contains antioxidants that can aid in the nourishment and restoration of skin and humectants that hydrate and refresh the skin’s surface.